This area is for members of Amish-Mennonite churches. You must have a password to enter this area.
The password can be determined using any Amish-Mennonite Directory since the 2005 edition. The password has two parts.

(1) Enter the total number of households recorded for 2000. Do not use a comma when entering this number. [See pg. 16 of 2011, pg. 8 of 2008, or pg. 13 of 2005.]

(2) Immediately after this number and without adding a space, write the name of the only Amish-Mennonite church that begins with the letter "K" (use just that word in the password). [See pg. 2 of all editions.]

When you have the password, record it in a convenient location for ease of future access.

Some people may have trouble accessing the site. First, try another browser if you have one (Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). Second, some browsers may think this page is trying to phish for personal information (obviously, it's not), so add add "" to your Internet "white list." If you still are having problems, contact Cory (the website manager) and I'll send you a direct link to the page.