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Visit a Plain Anabaptist Church
Like the Beachy Amish-Mennonites)

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Do you need help finding one? 

A service provided by BeachyAM.org is helping people find a plain church in their area to visit. The majority of people who submit a request, even those in urban areas, are within 75 minutes’ driving distance of a church.

I have the most comprehensive database of different “plain” churches in the plain Anabaptist religious tradition, including Beachy Amish-Mennonites, plain Mennonites, plain Brethren, and many others. No other source—plain Anabaptist directories, research entities, or religious censuses—has as extensive and detailed data as I have compiled. 

There are plain Anabaptist churches in:
All but three U.S. states
All but two Canadian provinces
Nearly all English-speaking countries
All six continents
Approximately 50 countries

I want to put this data to use by welcoming your individual church location requests.

In the church request form, I will ask for your address. I need a street address, not a P.O. Box, and your request will not be processed without a full address. With your address, I will locate a church nearby and provide you with (1) information about the church, (2) a map of its location, and (3) driving directions. In addition, I am keeping statistics about the people who are interested in the plain Anabaptists, so I ask you a few questions. All information you provide is kept private. Only I will view your individually identifying information. 

At the bottom of the form is an open text box. You are welcome to write anything you wish to share there. I always enjoy reading about your background and more details about your interest, but you are welcome to write as little or much as you would like.

For other inquiries, or if you have previously submitted a church request form, please use this form. First-time church requests will not be processed using this form EXCEPT sociology/anthropology students may use the brief form.

Conservative (evangelical) Mennonites

Bethel Fellowship

Bible Mennonite Fellowship

Biblical Mennonite Alliance

Caribbean Light and Truth

Conservative Mennonite Church of Ontario

Cumberland Valley Mennonite Church

Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church

Haven Mennonite Fellowship

Hope Mennonite Fellowship

Keystone Mennonite Fellowship

Mennonite Air Missions

Mid-Atlantic Mennonite Fellowship

Midwest Mennonite Fellowship

Nationwide Fellowship Churches

Pilgrim Mennonite Conference

Sharing Concerns Mennonite

South Atlantic Mennonite Conference

Southeastern Mennonite Conference

“Tennessee Churches”

Washington-Franklin Mennonite Conference

Western Conservative Mennonite Fellowship

York and Adams Counties Churches

Unaffiliated conservative Mennonite


Old Order Mennonites

Markham-Waterloo Conference

Weaverland Conference (Horning)

Wisler Mennonite– Ohio

Wisler Mennonite– IN, MI, MN

Scottsville-type Mennonite




Ambassadors Amish-Mennonite

Beachy Amish-Mennonite

Berea Amish-Mennonite

Maranatha Amish-Mennonite

Mennonite Christian Fellowship

Midwest Beachy Amish-Mennonite

Tampico Amish-Mennonite

Unaffiliated Amish-Mennonite



Conservative Brethren (Pennsylvania)

Dunkard Brethren

Old Brethren

Old German Baptist Brethren

Old German Baptist Brethren (New Conference)

Old Order River Brethren

(Horse and buggy groups)*


Apostolic Christian

Apostolic Christian Church

Apostolic Christian Faith


Other Anabaptist Groups



Charity and related churches

Church of God in Christ, Mennonite (Holdeman)


Kleine Gemeinde (conservative)

Old Colony Mennonite*

Old Order Mennonites (buggy)*

Reformed Mennonite

Stauffer Mennonite*


*Information available but generally not shared

Plain Anabaptist Constituencies Listed in This Database

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