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Institutions and Ministries

Amish-Mennonite Aid (A.M.A.)


Year established: 1955

Activity: Church planting in third world countries, including Belize, El Salvador, Paraguay, and Kenya. Mission work at one time included West Berlin, Germany.

Faith Mission Home (F.M.H.)


Year established: 1965

Activity: Volunteer staff care for mentally handicapped residents in this 24/7 care facility.


Christian Aid Ministries (C.A.M.)


Year established: 1981

Activity: Relief efforts, both around the globe as well as domestic, with church planting accompanying many relief efforts. CAM is sponsored by numerous conservative Anabaptist churches, though Beachys are key participants and staff.

Hillcrest Home


Year established: 1953

Activity: Volunteer staff care for elderly and handicapped people in this 24/7 care facility.

Mountain View Nursing Home (M.V.N.H.)


Year established: 1962

Activity: Volunteer staff care for elderly and handicapped people in this 24/7 care facility.

Publishing and Printing Ventures


Year established: Varies

Includes: Christian Light Publications (unaffiliated), Calvary Publications, La Merced Publishing, Mt. Zion Literature, and Still Waters Ministries.

Calvary Bible School (C.B.S.)


Year established: 1970

Activity: Twelve weeks of post-secondary style school with boarding. The three winter terms consist of two three week sessions and one six week session.

Youth Fellowship Meetings


Year established: 1953

Activity: Annual weekend summer meetings of Beachy young people. The meetings broken into five different districts by geography.

Missions Interest Committee (M.I.C.)


Year established: 1950 (first conference meeting)

Activity: Supports missions in developed countries, including Canada and Ireland. Also provides oversight for Hillcrest Home and partial oversight for Faith Mission Home.

Master’s International Ministries


Year established:

Includes: Provides oversight for mission churches in Ukraine.


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