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Amish-Mennonite Aid

Amish-Mennonite Aid (AMA) began as a response to the relief crisis in Berlin, Germany, after World War II. Interest in missions paralleled the Beachy Amish-Mennonite growing interest in outreach and evangelism in the 1950s. The first mission work was in West Berlin. AMA set up several relief centers to help refugees fleeing from East Germany. After the construction of the Berlin Wall, the mission changed its focus to ministering to local spiritual needs. The mission has since discontinued formal ties with AMA. Read more in “The Berlin Story.”

In 1962, Hurricane Hattie devastated parts of Central America. AMA was invited to help with the rebuilding efforts in Belize and El Salvador. After reconstruction efforts, AMA stayed in these two countries, establishing further missions to minister to physical and spiritual needs. Additional Beachy Amish-Mennonite churches have taken root in both countries since the original efforts. Several national converts have been ordained. One Belizean church and most churches in El Salvador are now under local governance. Read more in “Triumph of Faith.”

During the height of foreign outreach efforts of AMA, a congregation was established in Paraguay near an Old Colony Mennonite settlement. The outreach effort began with a clinic to meet rural health needs and a communal farm to provide income for the clinic's operation (which has since closed). Missionary efforts were expanded in 2001 to an Old Order Amish community that had settled in Paraguay. The expansion was in response to inquiries made by some Amish members who requested spiritual assistance and teachings.

In the early 1990s, missionary efforts began in western Kenya. Because of Kenyans’ favorable response to church planting, the number of congregations has grown. Kenya is presently AMA’s largest project. Lamp and Light (a plain Mennonite publisher) Bible courses are distributed to natives, and after completing the course, the students receive a Bible.

A detailed account of the history and work in each country is given in the book Bringing in the Sheaves.


Above: An AMA-sponsored school in Belize


(Top): After church in El Salvador


Below: Members arrive at church on a Sunday morning

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