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Publishing and Printing Ventures

Several Amish-Mennonite churches engage in publishing and printing ventures.

Above: An regular employee (foreground) works with a group of volunteers in sorting an outreach-oriented periodical at La Merced Publications in Costa Rica.


Calvary Publications


Calvary Publications is the official publishing company for the Beachy Amish-Mennonites. The primary publication is the monthly periodical Calvary Messenger. The target audience is primarily Amish-Mennonites. The periodical includes articles, newsbytes, poetry, obituaries, births, and marriages, and has been published monthly since 1970. The organization was founded under Ervin N. Hershberger's leadership and editorship. In addition to the Calvary Messenger, Calvary Publications occasionally publishes tracts, books, and pamphlets for usage within the Beachy church, but has no regular inventory or catalog.


To purchase a Calvary Messenger subscription, please visit www.calvarymessenger.org




Still Waters Ministries


285 Antioch Rd.

Clarkson, KY 42726

270-242-0459 (subscription orders)

270-242-3529 (fax)

[no email]


Box 25

Poole, ON NOK 1S0



Still Waters Ministries publishes a daily devotional book released in two month increments. The devotional, Beside the Still Waters, includes a small devotion, corresponding daily Bible readings, a one year Bible reading plan, and a maxim for each day. The operation is under the direction of Cedar Springs Amish-Mennonite of Kentucky. Still Waters Ministries also distributes “pocket sermons,” a cappella choral CDs, and sermon CDs. Call or write to one of the above addresses to receive a free subscription to Beside the Still Waters.




Mount Zion Literature Ministry


PO Box 37

Clarkrange, TN 38553

931-863-8183 (phone)

931-863-8181 (fax)


Mount Zion Literature (MZL) funds the translation of plain Anabaptist literature into Spanish and other foreign languages and subsidizes the distribution of this literature, especially in Latin American countries. In these countries, MZL affiliates operate book stores and sells Christian books for discounted prices. Financial support is provided by private and church donations.




La Merced Publishing

Apartado 15

Pital, San Carlos

Costa Rica

506-2465-0017 (phone, international code required)

506-2465-0018 (fax)


Publicadora La Merced is operated by the Beachy Amish-Mennonite churches of Costa Rica. They both publish original Spanish literature and translate plain Anabaptist publications from English into Spanish. The outreach-oriented periodical La Entorcha has a vast circulation throughout Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

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